Success Story: Katerina

Monterey Bay Internships (MBI) is helping to connect students and employers throughout the region.  Since the website was launched in February 2016, the feedback from employers and students has been overwhelmingly positive. Each month we will raise awareness around the importance of high quality internship opportunities by bringing our user experiences to life through Spotlight interviews with both employers and interns.

Finding the perfect internship can be a difficult task. Katerina Schreck, a Legal Studies and Politics double-major student at UC Santa Cruz (UCSC), would have agreed with that statement one month ago.  That was before she happened upon a new, free to use, regional internship website called Monterey Bay Internships (MBI).

Katerina began searching for an internship on campus at UCSC and on a couple other internet sites, but struggled to find a local opportunity that aligned well with her career goals.  “I went online and was using several other sites to search for an internship. I came across Monterey Bay Internships and found that it was really local. I liked that.”  And better yet, she immediately found the type of opportunity she was looking for in a position with the Santa Cruz County Business Council (SCCBC).

Katerina has big career goals. She wants to someday get a local job doing policy work with a focus on the environment and health. Going after an internship to gain practical work experience could prove to be a crucial move for her career.

Working as an intern with the SCCBC, a regional advocacy organization that represents the business voice of Santa Cruz County, Katerina is supporting their research efforts and applying what she is learning in the classroom.

“I’m really excited that MBI helped me find my new position with the Santa Cruz County Business council because I’m using the skills I’m learning in school … and I get to be a part of making a positive change, something greater than myself.”

Through the internship, Katerina is also building relationships with people working in the local policy scene, which is especially important given her career goals. Her college professors, seeing the relevance of the internship to her classwork, have also been supportive, which has led to further collaboration on assignments inside and outside the classroom.

When asked about whether she thought MBI could help other students at her school, she responded by saying, “I actually saw other positions on the website related to the sciences, and several of my friends were looking for internships so I told them about it. I already posted about MBI on my Facebook page too!”