Success Story: Gina

MBI Spotlight Interview

As more and more students connect with local employers using Monterey Bay Internships (MBI), we will bring the success stories to life through interviews.

Name: Gina Archuleta
From: Sacramento, CA
School:  California State University, Monterey Bay
Major:  Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing
Hobby:  Hiking

If you’re a student, what’s your major/focus of study?

Business Administration/ Marketing

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Being a leader in my future career.

What is your career goal?

Well, I am thinking about many things, potentially project management, economic development, start-ups, something marketing related, or progressive business models in California.

What do you hope to accomplish in your new role as an intern at Fort Ord Reuse Authority?

I hope to learn a lot about potential jobs with this company, to gain valuable job experience for a future career, to expand my network, and most importantly create a useable study and presentation that Fort Ord Reuse Authority can use in their future endeavors.

What got you interested looking for an internship?

An internship is valuable experience that can help you to find your future career, allow you to learn new skills, and help you to build a network in your area of interest.

Do you plan to stay in the Monterey Bay area after you graduate? Why or why not?

I have not decided whether or not I will stay in the Monterey Bay area after I graduate. I am drawn to areas that are strongly economically developed; San Francisco is appealing to me, as well as, San Diego and Los Angeles. I think that the area of Monterey Bay has a lot of potential though and I can possibly aid with that in the duration of my internship.

What did you like most about the website?

I liked the filters; they make the process of finding an internship time efficient.

On a scale of 1-10 would you recommend MBI to a friend?  Why did you give this score?

10, I would highly recommend MBI to a friend. I would never have found such a unique opportunity otherwise. This internship feels really special and the descriptions on each opportunity helped me to choose something that fit me perfectly!