Length of Internship:
6 months or longer
Internship Industry:
Business & Administrative Services

Take good notes, be VERY digitally organized, an avid consumer of digital video content, at least 1 year of experience in video production, a passion for storytelling, a driver's license, a clean and sober look, a drive to learn all positions of video production i.e. do whatever it takes to get the shot.
Have great email etiquette, be pleasant to talk to on the phone, manage checklists accurately, be available during business hours via phone, text, or email for making and keeping appointments.


We have ongoing available “HARA Academy Fellowships” positions to qualified applicants to satisfy year-around video production needs across the Monterey Peninsula – from Pebble Beach to Salinas and beyond.

We have opportunities for you to work closely with production staff at Wave Street Studios in Monterey, CA and on-location with outside video production companies.

Scaling to meet the production budget at hand, you may be asked to fulfill multiple roles such as but not limited to camera operator, robotic camera operator, production assistant, lighting supervisor, art director, audio engineer, programmer, writer, designer, publicist, editor, director, and/or producer. The ideal candidate is a fast learner, is professional at all times, is detail oriented, and has ambitions of becoming a working digital media professional.

You must know or be willing to learn new software such as: Wirecast, YouTube, Microsoft Word, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Hootsuite, Wipster, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Each production needs distribution and asset management utilizing contemporary techniques for maximum exposure for our programming. This person should put themselves into the shoes of the producer of each video and think creatively to gain more views and drive sales of future productions. Great ideas are always welcome, uplifting choices win, and insights for co-creating a more efficient system will be rewarded with more responsibility and creative control.

The goal is to provide you with the training and experience so that you no longer need direct supervision over most duties. Once obtained, you become “certified”, and you have the opportunity to work gigs for entry-level wages or produce your own work under our supervision utilizing our production assets.

We have needs for 3-5 interns for each production at an average of 3 productions per week. We film live performances, workshops, debates, e-learning courses, mini-documentaries, and do regular live streams for paying and non-paying customers. Our clients are among the most reputable organizations, institutions, and entrepreneurs on the peninsula.


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About HARA Academy

The HARA Academy has been providing video production experiences and portfolio material for teens and college-level students for over 7 years.

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